3rd Entry

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I can’t believe that it’s time for me to write my third and last intern blog! Time passes by very fast in Kingston. This last month of internship was the most exciting one. I conducted the assessment with four sets of target groups including public and private sector officials, community leaders, local forest management committee members and fishermen. I used semi-structured interviews and questionnaires as tools for data collection. Each assessment session turned out to be different from others.

It was a great learning experience for me. I was amazed to find out that most of the respondents are well aware of the climate change issue. Once I collected data, the next task was to analyze it and discuss the results in written form. Analysis turned out to be a little challenging, as respondents did not answer some questions. Presenting reliable information based upon data with missing values was even more challenging! My final output for the internship is a report in which I explained the methodology and presented the results as case studies.

I created an outline for the report and got it approved from my supervisor in order to make sure that I am heading in right direction. During my final week, I submitted the first draft of the report to my boss in order to get her feedback and subsequently, incorporated her suggestions in the final version of the report. But this is not all that happened in the final week. On July 23rd, UNEP organized the final intern session in which supervisors of all the interns were invited as well. I proudly received my internship certificate and got to interact with other interns and their supervisors.

I am glad that Mr. Corbin shared some of his opinions and knowledge with all the interns and we all got to learn more about the United Nations. On July 25th, my colleagues in the host institution, Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), organized their annual social get-together. It was very considerate of them to organize the event in my presence. We all went to Hope Gardens and had a memorable picnic. I also received souvenirs as a goodbye gift, which was the surprise element of the event. I highly appreciate the gesture and generosity of my colleagues. I wish that I could have stayed in Jamaica for the 50th Independence Day celebration as I got to see the preparations for the celebration and people’s enthusiasm about the day. Overall, my stay in Jamaica turned out to be a great learning experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. I am looking forward to working with the United Nations again in the near future. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Corbin and rest of the UNEP-CEP staff for giving me this opportunity. I highly appreciate their support and guidance during my stay in Jamaica.

Challenges that I faced: Delay in site visits

Lessons that I learnt: To have alternate plans