2nd Entry

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In last three weeks, I customized the methodology as per the project needs by developing different sets of questions to be asked during interviews and focus groups. The assessment also includes use of seasonal calendars and it was fun to prepare them for site visits. Apart from the major preparation activities, I attended two meetings which turned out to be new learning experiences for me.

First one was the monthly steering committee meeting at PIOJ – I learnt how a multiagency meeting with a lengthy agenda can be conducted effectively. At the same, I got the first hand update on the progress of various components of the project. Second one was the meeting of all PIOJ interns with the Director General of PIOJ – I was not surprised to know that there are eight summer interns in PIOJ, considering the size of the institute. However, when each of the interns introduced himself/herself, I was amazed to know that PIOJ attracts students from such diverse backgrounds. Also, I found Director General’s opinions, very inspiring and motivating. Another worth-mentioning event is the ‘Intern Session at UNEP’. It was a nice experience to meet other UNEP interns as well as the UNEP officials. I gave a short presentation on my internship experience so far and so did the other interns. Afterwards, we all had lunch together and I got a chance to see the beautiful building complex by the sea side. I also assisted UNEP staff in preparing for an international meeting by packaging the material. I felt much more confident about my internship experience after the UNEP intern session. And this is still not the end of the exciting aspects of this internship…..just few days back, I went for a site visit with my supervisor. We went for inspection of Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) which were established as a part of the EU Climate Change Project. The plots were at 6000 feet height above sea level and I was completely thrilled by the experience. Being a nature lover, I am glad that I got a chance to have such an experience!  

Lessons that I learnt so far: To make use of every opportunity to exchange ideas with others.

Challenges that I faced so far: To not let the delay in site visits, hurt my self-motivation.