June 27, 2011

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Since Christine O’Sullivan (Programme Assistant SPAW) and Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri (Programme Officer for SPAW) were absent most of the week. Consequently, my time was mostly devoted to non SPAW tasks this week.
Since the UNEP-CEP is always looking for new funds, Alessandra asked me to review the Save our Species Call for Proposal to assess if the UNEP-CEP could ask for funds. She also asked me to update the CaMPAM article for the SPAW website using the information available on the CaMPAM website.
Karen McDonald Gayle, who worked in collaboration with Christine  and Alessandra on the last Grants’ Agreements, asked me to review the French translation of the Small-scale Funding Agreement between UNEP and National Park/SPAW-RAC. I also summarize the Agreement (the reports and the payments deadlines) under the form of Excel Spreadsheets, as asked by Christine.
Since UNEP-CEP is currently implementing a database to enable all its partners to have access to Focal Points, Chrishane Williams (Administration Assistant for AMEP and CETA) asked me to update the Focal Points on the database thanks to the Word list she gave me and the complementary information (when the contacts had changed) she received via email.
Challenged faced: I needed some time to get familiar with the database and to use it quickly for the Focal Points.
Lessons learnt: I became familiar with calls for proposals and I learnt how to use the database for the Focal Points.