June 13, 2011

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During this week I mainly pursued what I had started doing the previous week.
Concerning the updating of the SPAW website, Christine O’Sullivan (Programme Assistant SPAW) and I decided to arrange the documents into four sections: 1. Strengthening of Protected Areas in the WCR 2. Development of Guidelines for the Management of Protected Areas and Species 3. Conservation of Threatened and Endangered Species and 4. Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems. I had to decide which documents available on the current SPAW website fit on which section and write a short paragraph for each section to introduce the documents and provide links.
I continued to read the Grants’ Agreements to underline the deadlines concerning the partners’ reports and the UNEP due payments and wrote a summary.
Since SPAW had given or threw away some brochures, books and other documents and bought or received new ones, Tess Cieux (Programme Officer for CETA) asked me to update the SPAW list of books and other documents. I also mentioned the AMEP brochures, books and other documents that ended on the SPAW shelves.
Challenges faced: Since the documents are scattered on the current SPAW website, it was sometimes difficult to make an inventory of all of them.
Lessons learnt: I learnt how to write short web articles to introduce some documents and provide some links.