August 8, 2011

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Working conditions were not optimal this week (no more air conditioning!) but some work had to be done.
Since Christine O’Sullivan (Programme Assistant SPAW) provided me with the last updated article for the SPAW website, I decided to also update the French translation of the article.
Christine also asked me to review the French translation for the Protecting the Caribbean’s Marine Treasures brochure before sending it to CAR SPAW which also reviewed the French translation.

Christine also asked me to update the Excel Spreadsheets and the Outstanding Deadlines since three more agreements have been signed in August (UNEP-DPPE, UNEP-Ministry of Agriculture and PNUMA-FUNDEMAR).

As asked by Emma Doyle (Project Manager for the WIDECAST and the GCFI), I also formatted the CaMPAM database Excel Spreadsheets so they can be directly converted into a PDF file.
I also attended the UNEP-CEP meeting whose aim was to explain to the Caribbean Youth Environment Network how UNEP worked (presentations made on AMEP/GEF Projects, the SPAW Protocol, CETA and the CEP website; the Caribbean Youth Environment Network also explained to UNEP-CEP its goals).
However, my main task this week was to continue updating the SPAW e-mail contacts list. As asked by Christine and Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri (Programme Officer for SPAW), I sent a trilingual e-mail (English, French and Spanish) to SPAW partners to check the updated contacts. I updated the last e-mail addresses that bounced back and updated additional SPAW lists of contacts.

Challenges faced: Some SPAW e-mail contacts bounced back several times before I was able to find the correct e-mail address, especially those whose SPAW partner was no longer in function. I had to find the new SPAW partner.

Lessons learnt: I found the UNEP-CEP interesting since it enabled me to be more aware of the work currently done by AMEP and CETA.