August 22nd, 2011

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This week was the last full week of my internship. 

I finished updating the CaMPAM database with the information I had collected at the NEPA Library and, since some MPAs remain undocumented, I sent, as suggested by Donna Blake (Country Representative, TNC) to Junior Squire (Director, Fisheries Division) to ask for more information. I also used the NEGAR Report sent by Donna Blake.

I also provided Anja Moulton (Intern, CETA) with my testimony on the internship since she had been asked by Rebecca Stuart (Programme Assistant AMEP/CETA) to pursue the work for the Internship Blog.

Christine O’Sullivan (Programme Assistant SPAW) asked me to review the Agreements Excel Spreadsheets and Outstanding Deadlines since two more agreements have been signed (UNEP-BNT and UNEP-SLNT).

Christine O’Sullivan (Programme Assistant SPAW) also asked me to ask Pear Tree Press for the Regional Management Plan for the West Indian Manatee quote.

Since I gave Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri (Programme Officer SPAW) the updated SPAW website article, I decided to review its French translation.

Eventually, I attended the UN Meeting on Stress to help the UN personnel to manage their stress, both at the professional and private levels.

Lessons learnt: I learnt how to fill the CaMPAM database thanks to the information I collected at the NEPA Library.

Challenges faced: Few people answered my emails which prevented me from getting more information on the less documented MPAs and finishing filling the CaMPAM database.