August 2, 2011

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This week was shorter than usual (because of Emancipation Day) but pretty busy.
As asked by Emma Doyle (Project Manager for the WIDECAST and the GCFI), I filled the Excel Spreadsheets for the CaMPAM database with the information I was able to collect on the current databases and on Google. I then sent emails to the park managers and to TNC to ask for more information and finish filling the Excel Spreadsheets.
Emma Doyle also asked me to translate a brochure (Protecting the Caribbean’s Marine Treasures brochure) for the CaMPAM from English to French. I had already translated a similar brochure about Grenada, but since this one was about Saint-Lucia (which is a party to SPAW), it was more relevant.

I did another translation from English to French for  the brochure on the Workshop on Marine Mammal Watching in the WCR, since it will be a trilingual workshop (English, French and Spanish).
Since a brief presentation on SPAW is to be done next week, Christine O’Sullivan (Programme Assistant SPAW) also asked me to review the PowerPoint she had done for the presentation.
Chrishane Williams (Administrative Assistant AMEP & CETA) asked me to save on a public folder the Focal Points I had updated. I also updated a few Focal Points thanks to the last information sent to UNEP-CEP.
Eventually, Christine asked me to update the email addresses that bounced when she used them, whereas this list is to be updated.

Challenges faced: Concerning the CaMPAM database, I received no answers to my emails requesting more information. Concerning the updating of the email addresses, a few of them cannot be found online.

Lessons learnt: I learnt how to update email addresses.