RS February 14th 2011

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This week I am stepping into the role of graphic designer. Soon we will be traveling the island to raise awareness for the Land Based Sources of  Pollution Collage Competition, and we need a promotional poster  to display important competition information such as rules, and contact information. To create the poster I used Adobe Photoshop, as it allows for a great deal of creative freedom. It literally lets you create whatever you want. The only problem is that it infinitely complex. Thankfully, I am comfortable with Photoshop.

The poster will be about 25” x 30” and will therefore need to be printed through an external provider. UNEP requires a minimum of three quotations for small projects. However do to the large size of the poster and small quantity (1), only one of the ten providers that I called was able to take the job.

Challenges faced: This poster was very text heavy, therefore I needed to find a way to include several words without losing the eye-catching graphic element that I poster should poses. To solve this problem I created a poster that in itself was a collage, it contained bits of note papers, posts, a chalkboard, I even placed text on the body of a marker. By using a variety of objects and the background for my text I was able to shatter the majority, and create a colorful and exciting poster.

Lessons learnt: Whenever I design with Photoshop I always find myself learning new methods, and tools. This time was no different.