2nd Entry

Posted by pbrown at Apr 05, 2013 02:25 PM |
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My first month has come to an end. Things seem to be moving too fast which is a indication that I am certainly enjoying my time so far. Living arrangements with UNEP administrative staff member, Ms. Levy, has been quite comfortable and I have become increasingly familiar with the city of Kingston. Kingston is a much bigger city than I originally thought.

There is much to do, and the nightlife is arguably the best on the island. I’ve grown to love the city. Socially, living here for the past month has shown me how unique and distinct Jamaican culture is. It is unique in its music, dialect, cuisine, and the way the people behave and move about. You come to the realization that there is something very special about Jamaica.

Work this month has revolved around conducting daily research for relevant articles to update the website, building partnerships with the UNEP Communications Department at the head office in Kenya and reorganizing the document room. In addition, I was informed that I would be assisting Donna Spencer, the Communications Specialist to create a Facebook page for the GEF CReW Project. The Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management(CReW), established in 2011 seeks to provide sustainable financing for the wastewater sector, support policy and legislative reform, and foster regional dialogue and knowledge exchange among key stakeholders in the Wider Caribbean Region.

One of my major responsibilities for my internship with the CETA-Sub-Programme is to help increase their public awareness efforts, specifically by increasing followers on the Facebook/  Twitter pages. At the beginning of my internship, the Facebook page had 9 followers and as of the end of last month it had 92. This is about a 100% increase. I am very pleased and have a sense of fulfillment at this significant achievement. The fact is that in our ever increasing globalized world, the social sites of Facebook and Twitter are becoming ever important, in respect to any organization being effective in its communication. I hope to continue to assist the UNEP/CEP in this regard. Overall it has been a very successful, enlightening, and enjoyable month.

Challenges faced: In seeking to build partnerships, and communicate more effectively with the communications staff at the headquarters in Kenya; I was not aware how difficult it could be to receive timely correspondence.

Lessons learned: Always have plan B, in order to achieve a task or goal.