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The month of March was primarily focused on assisting to prepare for UN World Water Day which was held on March 22nd at Devon House, in Kingston. Devon House is a National Heritage Site, owned by the Government of Jamaica and serves to promote the development of all aspects of Jamaican culture and expression. I felt it was the perfect site to host the event.

In December 2010, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation; hence the activities on World Water Day would center on how individuals, communities; countries could work together to strike a balance between their different needs and priorities and share this precious resource equitably. The objective of UNEP’s Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP )at the event was to raise awareness about the value of water, to emphasize the importance of conservation of freshwater resources and to publicize the work of UNEP CEP, specifically as it relates to water cooperation. 

My tasks in preparation for the event involved compilation of promotional and awareness materials that would be displayed at our booth, and planning activities for children and high school students. The event proved to be a success. We were able to highlight what we do to the public through our promotional materials specifically concerning water issues, and also what the Caribbean Environment Programme does on a whole. One thing I learned during the event was that you can never truly know what will grab the public’s interest. I noticed that people were interested in the internship Programme itself and I spent a significant amount of time talking to people about it and sharing my personal experiences. I was able to inform them on the application process, and the steps they could take to get involved in the program. This was quite fulfilling.

My overall feelings concerning the last month have solidified the fact that I would not trade this experience of interning with the UNEP CEP and living in Jamaica. I am increasingly learning and understanding the dynamics of sustainability as it relates to the Caribbean and the world, and gaining keen insights into the inner workings of the UN as it seeks to implement policies that will help countries to achieve sustainable development. I look forward with pride, in continuing to support UNEP CEP in its efforts to increase awareness and to educate the public on the importance of the environment to national and sustainable development.

Challenges faced: Setting priorities under deadlines

Lessons Learnt: When setting priorities under deadlines it is best to understand what is of utmost importance to the overall objective and what is least. This can help when you must multitask.