1st Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Apr 15, 2015 04:46 PM |
It was a great honor to have been accepted into the UNEP CEP’s Internship Programme, and as my first day began on Monday, January 14, 2013, I started the day with anticipation and excitement. My first day was primarily spent meeting staff, taking a tour of the office, and beginning to become familiar with the inner workings of the UNEP Caribbean Regional Co-ordinating Unit (CAR/RCU).

I would be assigned to the CETA Sub-Programme which is responsible for assisting the regional sub programmes of CEP in matters related to communication, education, training and awareness. I was introduced to the CETA team: Chrishane Williams (Team Assistant) Pietra Brown, who would be my immediate supervisor, and Christopher Corbin, Program Officer who met with us all to explain the vision and goals of CETA for the year 2013. I found the meeting to be quite informative and it gave me a significant understanding of the role I would take in assisting the team.

A beginning of the year meeting for all staff was scheduled for Wednesday, January 16th. This proved to be very valuable to me in respect to it being the first major meeting for the year. The objectives would be to highlight major accomplishments and challenges for UNEP CEP during 2012, provide updates on staffing for 2013, and provide a summary of the budget. In addition, it would provide updates on the status of implementation of major CEP projects and identify major CEP meetings planned for 2013 to effectively allocate resources. During the meeting, I was able to gain keen insight into the day to day operations/formations of the UNEP CEP. The week also consisted of a meeting with the media of Jamaica. The objective would be to share with the media UNEP CEP’s achievements, key projects and activities, and to open dialogue concerning ways UNEP CEP can be more effective in presenting its mission through all mediums. I assisted in the preparation of materials, DVDs, and pamphlets to be handed out to media personnel.  It was a privilege to take part in the media meeting, and to gain knowledge on how organizations and media work together to disseminate information and the challenges that go with that endeavor.

As the first week came to a close, my task was to work on updating the calendar of events for 2013 onto the website. This involved doing research on the official holidays of countries in the Wider Caribbean, and learning the software used to enter information into the website database. To have begun my internship at the beginning of year, attending the first staff meeting and media session; my understanding of the UNEP CEP and its goals was greatly enhanced. I look forward with confidence to a great experience with United Nations Environment Programme Caribbean Environment Programme’s Internship.

Challenges faced: Given the opportunity to attend the first meeting and media session of the year; it was challenging to understand all the terminology and acronyms within the UNEP CEP system.

Lessons learned: Goals and objectives must always take into context available resources and capital in order to achieve those goals and objectives.