1st Entry - Learning island time

Posted by Sean Chedda at Jan 22, 2015 02:18 PM |
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Finding your feet and learning the new office culture is similar to exploring a country when travelling. Meeting new co-workers, learning customs, identifying hierarchies, familiarising yourself with the do’s & don’t’s along with establishing your tasks and role in the office.

Everyone has welcomed me very kindly and the first week in the blue office has been fun. The team introduced me to my tasks for the months ahead, as team support for CETA & AMEP, I will be focusing on deepening the understanding of environmental protection by outreaching to various stakeholders using communication strategies and facilitating educational activities.

So far, I have been updating various promotional and informational materials for online and offline use. While researching news bites, reading the CEP work plan, reviewing new project proposals and the new UNEP CEP website, the role and tasks of the regional office have become much clearer in this first week. With a lot of reports, meetings and events not long away, I am certain this summer in Kingston will be a valuable experience for me.

Challenges Faced
As UNEP CEP consolidates and manages the national interests of many countries, one requires understanding that actions sometimes take a little longer.

Lessons Learnt
Being held up at the immigration for a while, I realised that printing all travel documents is a good idea. On the other hand, learning the jungle of UN acronyms has been so far been a fun opportunity to play an environmental version of Scattergories!


German football tip: Also, if haven’t got Neymar on your team, make sure you have a German flag & Pretzels in your bag!