5th Entry

Posted by andre at Sep 18, 2012 03:15 PM |
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My internship at CEP has reached its end after three months. It’s been three months of learning, learning and learning some more. As the weeks went by I saw improvements in every aspect of my work.

In the last few weeks I completed the fact sheets and at long last the abstracts for the technical reports. I was happy to tick every task from my terms of reference, which made me fully appreciate the amount of work I completed in three months, but also the diversity of the tasks assigned which kept me interested and eager. I am leaving with a much deeper understanding of the United Nation’s role as a facilitator, admiration for all the incredible work the Caribbean Environment Programme does for the region, and a refreshed sense of environmentalism.

I am ready to go back to school now and apply what I have learned as an intern towards my degree and definitely future career path. I would recommend an internship in CETA/AMEP to any undergrad or post-grad student looking for work experience that will give you clarity and the necessary tools follow a career you are passionate about.

Challenges faced: Completing the abstracts is what has been the most challenging

Lessons learnt: I learned that time management is about finding a balance, that paying attention to detail the first time will save you time, to listen and build on constructive criticism and advice from my supervisors, not to be afraid to ask questions, and finally to get to know and enjoy the company of the many wonderful people I met in the office.