3rd Entry

Posted by andre at Sep 06, 2012 11:55 AM |
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Today was the last intern session as most of the interns will have completed their internships in a few weeks; I assisted once more in bringing in a caterer for the heavy coffee break part of the session. Each of us presented on the work we have been doing in our respective programs. I’m still working on the abstracts for the reports, there are a lot of them but I hope to have them completed in the next two weeks as I find a working balance with my other tasks.

I spent most of last week organizing and putting together a blueprint for the office’s document room. This has been a challenge for many reasons. The week before last, the entire office carpet was removed and replaced with tiles, which means the document room was emptied into boxes, tiled, and the boxes were pretty much just thrown back into the room. It’s very dusty and there is a lot of organizing and physical work involved, lifting boxes and large stacks of books, etc. Because of the dust, admin provided me with a dusk mask, and even though it helps I can’t be in there for prolonged periods. I’ve made considerable progress, however, and frankly it’s been a nice change from being at the desk all day. Having to balance these tasks has been a useful lesson in time management; I divide my tasks throughout the day to make sure nothing gets neglected and deadlines are met.

Thus, the document room has been my main priority and has been taking up the majority of my time. In addition to that, the regional laboratory database CEP is working on for its website is almost finalized. This week I met with my supervisor and the office’s technology guru, Andre, to see how the page is coming along. I assisted by giving input on the current design, and will have to make a few corrections to the data. I’m excited for the final product to be up and running on the website.

Lessons Learnt: Time management  and stress management will make your life easier

Challenges:  Trying to organize a small, walk-in closet-sized room when it’s buried under dust has taken a toll on my sinuses.