2nd Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Jan 15, 2018 10:55 AM |
In the last two months, I have been involved in several tasks.

I helped in the preparation of the draft for the new strategy and I contributed to the makine of a couple of PPT presentations for UNEA3 and for the meeting between the Regional Activity Center in Guadeloupe and the French Ambassadors. 

In addition, I worked with the Project Coordinator of IWECO (Integrating Water, Land and Ecosystem Management in Caribbean Small Island Developing States), a GEF project which involves several countries in the Caribbean.  I helped in the preparation of charts and graphs from a graphical point of view and I will support the Project Coordinator in the preparation of the PPT for the next Steering Committee Meeting.

I have also started to assist the Sub-Regional Office, analyzing and updating the list of projects that are currently implemented in the Wider Caribbean Region under the umbrella of the United Nations.  I am also following and assisting in the selection process of the new intern for that office.

I was also involved with writing the Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 alongside Professor David Smith of the University of the West Indies (UWI), who is one of the 15 scientists selected for the supervision of the report.

When I was not busy working on these issues, I was creating fact sheets for the "Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife"(SPAW) Programme, especially for the Coral Restoration Consortium.

Challenges faced

Working at the same time on many topics is complex but also stimulating, because it allows in some way to open the mind and learn even more how to manage time and how to organize priorities.

Lessons learned

I had the opportunity to attend a meeting at the Delegation of the European Union in Jamaica between our representatives and the Ambassadors of the EU countries here in Jamaica. I learned that the cooperation between countries and organizations is a key issue for succeeding in environmental policy implementation. In addition, I have learned how important the creation of a personal network is, for starting a career in this sector.