5th Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Sep 28, 2015 12:12 PM |
Whew!Time has flown by so fast! I am literally a couple of weeks away from completing my internship! But as it moves closer to the end, I have been feeling bittersweet.

In the earlier parts of August, a lot of my work was centered on the planning and organization for the GEF CReW’s and UNEP CAR/RCU’s participation in the Annual Caribbean Water and Wastewater Conference and Exhibition, which took place in Miami from August 24-28, 2015. I assisted with procurement, which involved communicating several times during the day with the vendors to ascertain quotations for promotional items for the conference. In addition to procurement, I also helped with preparing briefing sheetsfor the conference, as well as identifyingalternate hotelswithin close proximity to the conference venue.

After almost three intenseweeks of organizing and planning in what seemed to be a slow tango, the office is finally back to normal and I have resumed my task of drafting factsheets.

Challenges Faced

It was a bit of a challenge getting quotations and responses from the vendors.

Outside of the work environment, an additional challenge faced is the strict water restrictions in Kingston due to the drought that has been affecting parts of the islandover the last couple of months.

Lessons learnt

Procurement requires a lot of patience, persistence, as well as negotiation skills. Procurement at the UN can also be a very complex and bureaucraticprocess.