2nd Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Jun 10, 2015 12:28 PM |
It has now been a month since I commenced my internship. In the past month I have worked on a number of interesting projects, attended project design meetings and a symposium and participated in teleconferences. I have also spent a large part of the month working on a report on national water classification for the LBS Working Group, editing and updating fact sheets and drafting communication outputs.

Most memorably, I was able to attend and observe a multi-stakeholder project design and brain storm meeting with the Inter-American Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, UNEP, UNEP CEP and GEF CReW Project staff and a few GEF Country Focal Points. This provided me with the first-hand view of the complexities of project design and a better understanding of proposal writing, logical framework and project component development.

In addition to research and project related work, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Planning Institute of Jamaica’s Symposium in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Social and Economic Information Network under the theme ‘Data Driven Decision Making: An Engine for Growth’. I had the opportunity to have a brief conversation with Ms Karen Eggert- specially invited guest , Deputy Division Chief, Joint World Bank –IMF library, where we had an interesting discussion on pedestrianisation in Cambridge, UK and the changing transportation needs of the younger demographics in Washington D.C.

Overall I am quite pleased with the exposure and progress of my internship and I look forward to continuing to provide support and assistance to the work of UNEP CEP. I have also become increasingly familiar with Downtown Kingston and have grown particularly fond of purchasing a cool refreshing jar of coconut water from a coconut stall on Harbour Street. To be honest I cannot go a day without having one.

Challenges faced:  Prioritizing task to ensure timely delivery.

Lessons Learned: I have learned to prioritize task according to level of importance and time delivery as well as to be flexible and adaptable to changing priorities and needs of the programme.