1st Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at May 01, 2015 01:47 PM |
My first week here at UNEP CAR/RCU flew by very fast. It has been quite an informative week. I spent my first two days getting oriented with my coworkers, developing a routine and getting familiar with the literature and projects that I will be working on within the AMEP Sub-programme.

I must say, the two main highlights of my week were:

Sitting down with my supervisor and Programme Officer for the AMEP Sub-programme to discuss what I hoped to accomplish for the duration of the internship and my post-internship aspirations. I was really intrigued by the autonomy given to me to shape my experience according to my aspirations and the opportunities for the development of skills and networking. 

Another highlight was the opportunity to be a part of and provide support to regional meetings with a host of environmental leaders. This is particularly fascinating as it provides firsthand view of the complexities of the challenges faced by countries in the region, while validating the importance of regional collaboration and knowledge sharing for solving the problems.

Challenges faced: I have not experienced any major challenges; however, there is a multitude of acronyms to learn.

Lessons learned: I have begun to truly understand the complexities involved in regional cooperation and the inner workings of UNEP CAR/RCU.