3rd Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Oct 26, 2017 10:09 AM |
Goodbye Jamaica!

By the end of this internship I managed nearly all the social media platforms. For example, I completed the #gettoknowCEP series and managed to get our twitter account verified. I kept our social media pages up to date and posted information about upcoming and past events.

I also organized our office’s participation in the International Coastal Clean Up Day 2017. This year we managed to bring in a joint group of UN staff from different UN agencies in Jamaica.

I also enjoyed the UN Cares training about mental health and sexual orientation, as well as the Human Rights training as initiatives like these reflect the philosophy of the whole UN.

During my internship, besides the communications related work, I also learned about the structure of the UN and in particular of UN Environment and the Caribbean Environment Programme. I now know how complicated environmental issues are and at the same time, how important it is to address them and work on them. I have a lot of respect for all the people working in this field because I know they are all doing very important work from which we all profit.

In the end, it was very hard to say goodbye to my colleagues and I hope to see them again soon. I will miss them as well as beautiful Jamaica with all its ups and downs!


Challenges faced

Sometimes it was hard to find new information to post, but there were always helpful colleagues in the office I could ask

Having a confirmed number of attendees of the ICC Day


Lessons learnt
If there is something you want to do, take initiative.

Always take advantage if you have a marine biologist expert intern sitting right next to you in the office.

Never underestimate after work traffic.