3rd Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Dec 16, 2015 12:29 PM |
I have just completed the last week of my internship and again I am surprised at how quickly these three months went by!

Since my last post entry I have continued to work on the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem Project and have developed some information materials, such as power point presentations and factsheets, which were used at meetings of the project parties.

Besides of the tasks I completed for SPAW, I have also been involved in projects for the CETA and AMEP departments as the interns of those departments left recently. This has allowed me to work on projects on waste water and pollution management in the Caribbean and participate at communication activities of UNEP CAR/RCU. I very much enjoyed this additional insight, because it diversified my work tasks and improved my understanding of the diverse issues and topics that are being addressed by the UNEP CAR/RCU office.

In addition to the work aspect of my internship, I have to highlight that the experience of living in Jamaica and discovering its culture, history and nature has been very enriching for me. I was able to discover Kingston and make little weekend trips to towns all over the island with other interns, which have left me with a lot of great memories.

Challenges faced
Because I recently worked not only for SPAW but also CETA and AMEP I had to organise my time to make sure that I was meeting deadlines for different tasks and topics. This has been a bit challenging but I feel like I succeeded and improved my time managing skills.

Lessons learnt
Overall, I have learned a lot of different things in the last three months. For example, I now have a better understanding of how the UNEP Regional Seas Programme functions and in particular how current issues such as biodiversity conservation or marine pollution are being addressed by UNEP CEP in the Caribbean. In addition I was able to gain an insight into the challenges that exist in environmental conservation and management projects, which involve a large number and variety of stakeholders.