2nd Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Jan 08, 2015 12:17 PM |
My first month has come to an end. I have spent the majority of the time assisting the staff within the AMEP sub-programme in the organization of the Second LBS STAC Meeting in Nicaragua. Preparations for this upcoming meeting are still ongoing, and my duties involve mostly correspondence with participating governments and organizations. As a result of this activity, I’m learning how complicated organizing these types of meetings can be, where many countries and institutions are involved, deadlines have to be respected while delegates wait for approval from their governments, and everything has to be done in compliance with procedures.


Additionally, I helped with the preparation of the meeting documents and edited the content for both language and formatting. In doing so, I had the opportunity to study many technical reports and project plans, which proved to be very useful and enabled me to have a deeper insight of the work and achievements of the CEP and identify possible solutions to the environmental issues of this region.

On the other hand, I have become increasingly familiar with the city of Kingston, which offers a lot to do. I have started to enjoy my weekends discovering the island. So far I’ve visited lush falls hidden in the countryside, swam in the blue clear waters of Lime Cay, and attended the stimulating Calabash festival, which was really interesting and set in a beautiful location. I’m realizing how unique Jamaican culture is, with its history, music, language and wonderful food! 

Challenges faced: Keeping track of all correspondence for the meeting organization; communicating efficiently with several entities and receiving timely responses.

Lessons learned: I have gained a great deal of knowledge about the various UNEP CEP projects, and the role and functions of this office are becoming much clearer to me now.