3rd Entry - 18 July 2012

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Well, the deadline has just passed for governments and organisations to submit their nominations to participate in the upcoming CEP meetings in the Dominican Republic. With that said, the 16th of July was probably one of the most hectic days I have had so far at UNEP-CAR/RCU! Emails were coming in all day and, as per usual, I was responsible for ensuring that all correspondence was being recorded and followed-up on. 

Unfortunately, we still have not received registration forms from the majority of invitees. This lack of response has been one of the major frustrations and difficulties as we prepare for the CEP Meetings. For example, sixteen countries in the Wider Caribbean Region have ratified the SPAW Protocol, but only seven countries have confirmed attendance thus far. In order to achieve a quorum at the Meetings, more participants need to register. However, it is understood that governments have to push through bureaucratic red-tape and parliamentary procedure before permission is granted to send delegates on international trips. CAR/RCU recognizes this obstacle and, as such, has extended the deadline to submit nominations for another week. I am hoping we have the majority of confirmed attendees by then!

On another note, the office was tiled recently. I must say, it is quite an improvement to the carpet that was there before! Before the workers came in, all the CAR/RCU staff had to pack away all their folders, documents, and anything else that would need to be moved for the tiles to be laid. I do not have too many folders to pack away, so I helped to pack up my supervisor’s office since she was on leave at the time. Her office contains hundreds of books, meeting documents and promotional materials, so it was a lot of work to put everything in boxes. Nevertheless, we managed to keep everything organised and that made it much easier to unpack. We realised, though, that there are several outdated books and documents; so, with my supervisor’s guidance, we are throwing out all the old papers and re-distributing some of the books to the office’s library.

Challenges Faced: Responding to emails sent by persons from French and Spanish countries. I am not fluent in these languages, so I have to outsource the correspondence to other persons in the office who are fluent. This delays the follow-up process greatly.

Lessons Learned: Don’t wear heels when packing boxes!