3rd Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Oct 07, 2015 11:25 AM |
This second month at the UNEP CEP has allowed me to get more creative and inventive. First, I was pleased to assist a fellow intern with the design of a Sargassum factsheet that she has been putting together over the past weeks.  The aim of the design was to make it easy to understand and suitable for communication platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and therefore, available to a larger audience.

In preparation for the International Coastal Cleanup and World Maritime Day, I was also asked to create a series of visuals inspired from facts related to marine litter, microplastics and oil spills. These facts, which were also posted on social media, were shared widely among our subscribers.

I also provided assistance to the CETA Programme Assistant in putting together the UN Communications Group Newsletter for the United Nation’s 70th Anniversary.  The aim of this newsletter was to showcase the work done by different UN agencies in Jamaica with respect to last year’s Millennium Development Goals, as well as their progress towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Challenges Encountered

I found it stressful not knowing whether my visa extension would go through and thus whether I would be able to complete my internship for the intended time period. Fortunately, after a short period of uncertainty, I was relieved to learn that the Jamaican government is letting me stay until the end of my internship!

Lessons Learned

Working with people from different professional/academic backgrounds emphasizes the added value of complementary synergies within a team. Over the past months, I have been learning from many hard-working people who have also given me the impression that there are things they can learn from me as well.