1st Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Dec 16, 2015 12:43 PM |
On my first day I was warmly welcomed into the office and by the end of the week I already felt like part of the team.

Settling into life in Kingston proved easier than I had expected.  This was mainly due to the enthusiasm and friendliness of everyone I met.  After Sancha kindly introduced me to everyone, I was left with the task of reading up with ongoing projects and familiarizing myself with the SPAW 2015-16 Workplan.

I was excited by the scope and diversity of projects undertaken by SPAW and eager to get involved.  After catching up, I was asked to write a number of descriptions on UNEP-CEP activities for the UN Inventory Database, which has contributions from all of the UN affiliated agencies.

It was a fantastic week.  By Friday I had already submitted my first piece of work for UNEP and had made plans with the other interns to visit Portland for the weekend.

Challenges Faced
It was difficult to recall the sheer number of acronyms I was exposed to.  I can only assume this will get easier with time.

The nature of my work task meant that I was expected to have a comprehensive understanding of all SPAW-related activities and left me with a great deal of research.

Having been recommended a lunch spot by another intern, I accidently walked into the wrong dining hall.  It was only after I had gathered an appetizing plate of food that I was told the location was reserved for Scotiabank employees exclusively. 

Lessons Learned
In relation to work tasks, I quickly learned to ask questions as there are a number of people who are happy to provide advice and assistance. 

The heat is not to be underestimated.  Deciding to walk to Hope Gardens and back in the middle of the day wearing a black shirt and jeans was not my finest idea.