5th Entry

Posted by Sean Chedda at Jan 23, 2015 12:17 PM |
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Today is officially the last day of my SPAW internship. It really is unbelievable how quickly the past couple months have gone by. Thinking back to when I first started, a five month internship seemed like such a long time and I even felt overwhelmed at times since this was such a new experience. However, I think that I settled in pretty quickly and have definitely gained confidence in my own competencies along the way.

This has been a truly interesting experience which has given me a deeper appreciation of the work of UNEP in the Wider Caribbean Region. I have also gained a better understanding of the various challenges faced on a daily basis at an international environmental agency, as well as a fresh perspective on current environmental issues both locally and regionally.

Another one of the main highlights of my time here was working alongside such a diverse team of interns and staff. Having the opportunity to get to know my colleagues from many different backgrounds proved to be a fascinating and enriching part of the internship. Overall, this experience was a positive one where I was able to utilize my skills and previous knowledge while also learning many new things along the way. I am very happy and grateful to have had this opportunity and am confident that my experience here will have a positive impact on my next journey.

Challenges faced
As the date of our intergovernmental meeting grew closer, I saw myself taking on a seemingly endless number of tasks. Once again, remaining organized in somewhat chaotic surroundings proved to be challenging.

Lessons learned
Now that my time here is over, I think one very important lesson I have learned is to not be afraid to challenge myself and try new things. Doing this opens you up to new experiences, which in turn, can teach you many new lessons along the way.