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There are no staff vacancies at UNEP CEP at this time.

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How do I apply?
As an organization of the United Nations, applications for an internship within the office of the UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme (UNEP CEP) must be made through the United Nations Inspira website at Other internship opportunities within the United Nations can also be found at this address. Internships within the sub-programmes of  UNEP CEP will be posted as they become available, throughout the year. Applicants are encouraged to apply on or before stipulated deadlines.
Who can apply?
The United Nations offers students enrolled in the third or fourth year of an undergraduate or graduate programme within their University, the opportunity to serve within any of its offices including the UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme. Applicants should review the eligibility requirements for the relevant internship to ensure they qualify for the internship.
How long is the Internship?
The Internship period is at a minimum 2 months and maximum 6 months.  Interns are expected to be in office Monday through Friday, during working hours.
Will I receive payment?
The United Nations does not provide financial support for interns.  All successful applicants are expected to make their own arrangements for travel and living expenses during the internship period.
What tasks will I be doing?
This will depend on the needs of the office and the sub-programme  to which you are assigned as well as on your qualifications and interests.  If you have specific interests or requirements for your university course, UNEP should be made aware of this prior to  being approved for an internship.  Most interns work on a project or several projects which will benefit both them and the sub-programmes to which they are attached, such as limited research, creation or improvement of databases and/or web sites, public relations, liaison with partners etc.
Can an internship help to guarantee future employment within the United Nations?
The Internship Programme is not related to employment in the United Nations. There should be no expectation of employment within the UN after an internship.

 Please check out our Intern Blog to learn of the experiences of interns who have worked at UNEP CEP.


There are no consultancies at UNEP CEP at this time.

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