Threats from Pollution, Warming and Acidification

The 3rd GEO Blue Planet Symposium

The 3rd GEO Blue Planet Symposium will be held in College Park, MD, USA, May 31-June 2, 2017. This international symposium will serve as a forum for discussion of societal information needs resulting from the important role the oceans play in Earth's life-support system and the challenge of minimizing the impacts of human activities on the oceans while utilizing the resources of the oceans to meet our needs.

Marine ecosystems are exposed to pollution, warming of the oceans, and an increasing acidification, which may affect their productivity and overall health adversely. The current and future impacts of these threats on the marine biosphere and beyond, including the impacts on human societies need to be understood, monitored, and ways to limit the threats and impacts need to be developed.

This ties in with the LBS protocol which highlights the need for action to reduce the pollutant load to the seas from land-based sources and activities. Also commemorative days such as World Environment Day and World Oceans Day Both emphasize the need to act at the regional level to address this problem.

Mr. Christopher Corbin (Pollution Programme Officer - UN Environment, Caribbean Environment Programme) will be in attendance to present on the "Current and Predicted States of Marine Pollution" during Session 2 of the Symposium.

The Agenda can be downloaded here.

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