This years’ World Wildlife Day got even more personal

3 March 2018

As we protect the marine environment of the Wider Caribbean Region, we would like to highlight the marine wildlife of the Caribbean Sea and the impact of pollution on our endangered species. Did you know that Sea turtles ingest non-biodegradable ocean pollution that can cause a digestive blockage and internal lacerations?

How can you become involved?

On 3 March, #Wild for Life launches the Find your Kindred Species Team Challenge. You can help secure a future for your kindred species by joining UN celebrity champions as they lead a charge – a joint effort to raise awareness and protect these endangered species!

The theme is ‘Big Cats are Predators under Threat’ and such threats to their existence involve illegal trade as well as climate change and human wildlife conflict among others.  

  1. Choose a team to join and pledge to make informed buying decisions and never purchase illegal wildlife products. 
  2. Morph your image with your kindred species and share!
  3. Encourage others to join the challenge and gather pledges for their kindred species.
  4. If your team generates the most pledges, UN Environment and partner collaboratorsCCG - Investors in WildlifeDiscovery Communications and Panthera, will make a donation to a project impacting your team’s flagship species!   



Please share widely among your networks and share on social media pages.

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