Regional Seas Conventions collaborate to provide technical and programmatic support to member states

During the Fourth meeting under the collective arrangement for the management of selected areas in the North-East Atlantic (Berlin, Germany | 7-8 May, 2018), the Member States of the OSPAR Commission committed to supporting cross-sectoral cooperation among regional organisations, in particular, the Executive Secretaries of the Cartagena and Abidjan Conventions and have started the development of concrete cooperative actions in Marine Pollution, Marine Protected Areas and Ecosystem-Based Management for delivery in 2018. 

The three (3) common states of the OSPAR and Caribbean regions, France, Netherlands and the UK, held discussions with the Caribbean Environment Programme's Coordinator, Dr. Lorna V. Inniss, on strengthening their engagement with the work of the Secretariat.

At the meeting, Dr. Inniss also made a presentation on the importance of partnership building as the bedrock of improving Regional Ocean Governance in the Wider Caribbean Region, focusing on the CLME+ Partnership and Alliance framework.

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