Regional Seas@40: Setting a Course for Regional Seas Report published!

The report reflects the activities of the Regional Seas Programmes and celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Regional Seas Programme.

Earth’s oceans face a crisis that threatens to become insurmountable. Depleted fishing stocks, destruction of coastal habitats by urbanization and tourism, warming and rising seas, pollution from maritime and land-based activities, and a host of new perils such as deep sea mining and mid-ocean islands of plastic debris combine to challenge our technical abilities, institutions and willpower to deal with them.

The Rio+20 outcome document The Future We Want reflects the international community’s deep concern over these threats, even as efforts to address them become increasingly fragmented and ineffective. There are dozens of organizations, many within the UN system itself, with overlapping aims and responsibilities, which require joining forces; and every year new ones are created. While global and regional Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) play a critical role in global efforts to address environmental issues, there are still enormous gaps in their coverage, particularly in areas beyond national jurisdiction. As we move into the implementation phase of Rio+20, we must find better ways to work together, share responsibilities, and communicate.

Download the full report - Regional Seas@40: Setting a Course for Regional Seas