Media urged to play greater role in environmental awareness

The Grenada Informer
Media urged to play greater role in environmental awareness

Mr. Christopher Corbin, AMEP Programme Officer, UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme

Recognizing that the media’s role in creating greater awareness in environmental issues is of paramount importance with the ultimate aim of ensuring that more persons are knowledgeable on environmental issues was one of the many passionate appeals made to several media practitioners around the region attending the media workshop staged by UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) in collaboration with the (GOJ) Government of Jamaica.

 The three-day workshop which was held at the Hilton Hotel in Montego Bay Jamaica attracted several media practitioners from in and around the region.  The media workers had gathered at the hotel for a workshop geared at informing and educating them more on environmental issues and it sought to address a wide range of issues.

The Workshop opened during the staging of the Second Global Conference on Land-Ocean Connections (GLOC-2). However, this conference was preceded by the 15th Global Meeting of the Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans (RSCAP), The UN Media Workshop on Marine Environment addressed a number of issues which saw several regional and international experts making presentations.

Stressing the urgent need for more information on environment related issues to be aggressively pursued was reiterated by several of the presenters who reminded the media about the important and critically pertinent role that they can play.  Several of the presenters warned the media that it was one of their primary responsibilities that environmental related issues were properly researched and/or reviewed thus ensuring that whatever information and/or data is released is accurate, un-biased and holds no hidden agenda.

Corbin in elaborating on the  role and contributions that the media can make told this publication that ultimately the region is today plagued with what can be justly reviewed as a major void and inactiveness by several of the region’s journalists when it is centered on environmental issues.

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