Change or else! Jamaicans are warned

Messages from major partners from the recently closed EU funded GOJ and UNEP Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Project.
Change or else! Jamaicans are warned

Head of European Union delegation Ambassador,Paola Amadei and Minister of Water,Land, Environment and Climate Change,Robert Pickersgill and PIOJ Director General,Claire Bernard view photos from portfolio for EU funded GOJ/UNEP CCADRR Project

A simple but resounding call to action echoed last week at the closing and awards ceremony of the Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Project as experts warned of the dangers facing Jamaica.

The appeal for change was directed to Jamaicans across the length and breadth of a country which has contributed the least to greenhouse gas emissions but is among those most likely to be affected by climate change.

The experts warned that this reality is dictating that Jamaica must begin to act decisively now to reduce the many negative impacts of climate change.

They pointed to the greater frequency and increasing devastation from natural disasters in recent years as a graphic and often tragic reminder of just how serious an impact climate change is having on the country.

It is estimated that Hurricane Sandy which brushed Jamaica in October 2012 cost the country $9.7 billion, even though it did not hit directly.

It was the recognition of the need to improve Jamaica's resilience to cope with natural disasters and reduce the risks associated with them that was the major plank of the 38-month Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Project which ran from October 2010 to December 2013.


It involved physical rehabilitation in coastal and forestry areas, the training of residents and special interest group in vulnerable communities on protecting these areas, as well as supporting policy reform relating to climate change.

The European Union (EU) was the major financial backer of the project, with the Government of Jamaica and the United Nations Environment Programme also contributing.

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