Fourth meeting under the collective arrangement for the management of selected areas in the North-East Atlantic

Berlin, Germany | 7-8 May, 2018

A collective arrangement between competent international organisations on cooperation and coordination regarding selected areas in areas beyond national jurisdiction in the North-East Atlantic has now existed between OSPAR and North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) since 2014. This arrangement has been highlighted in many international fora as an innovative and interesting example of cooperation between different sectors and interests working in the marine environment to achieve an ecosystem approach to management. Both organisations have found the informal and formal meetings already held under the collective arrangement to not only provide a good basis for cooperation between us, but also a significant step forward in helping us understand each other’s objectives in working in the North East Atlantic, and a good potential for developing assistance to each other with each organisation working within its own competence. 

Under the collective arrangement the intention has been to hold regular meetings to “review their respective objectives in relation to the areas listed… the status of the areas concerned and existing measures”. The intention is also to have these meetings as a forum where any other relevant issue of mutual interest can be raised and discussed, and a platform for informal discussions to share information and increase the organisations’ understanding of each other’s practices.  At the last meeting it was considered useful to meet again this year and are hopeful that the discussions this year can focus on some practical outcomes for ongoing work between the two organisations and others.   

The President of NEAFC and the Chair of OSPAR will act as co-chairs for the meeting, with support and input from the Chairs of the relevant committees (NEAFC’s PECMAS and OSPAR’s BDC). Contracting Parties are encouraged to participate in order to enhance the process as the intention is not for meetings under the collective arrangement to be only inter-Secretariat meetings. Other international organisations with competence for managing other human activities in areas outside of national jurisdiction are warmly invited to participate as observers, as well as from regional organisations from outside the North East Atlantic, who have interests in building a similar framework for cooperation in their own regions.

Dr. Lorna V. Inniss, coordinator of the Caribbean Environment Programme, will be in attendance.

The fourth meeting under the collective arrangement for the management of selected areas in the North-East Atlantic is jointly organised by NEAFC and OSPAR will take place 7-8 May at the Ministry of Fisheries (BMEL), Berlin, Germany.