Global Programme of Action Questionnaire

The Government of Indonesia has kindly offered to host the Fourth Intergovernmental Review (IGR-4) Meeting and the Third Global Land Ocean Connections Conference (GLOC-3) in early 2017. The IGR-4 and the GLOC-3 are each expected to be of 3-day duration and will run back-to-back.  Once finalized, the specific dates of the meetings will be shared.

As you are aware, the Cartagena Convention Secretariat collaborates directly with the GPA in areas of mutual interest with a specific focus on wastewater, nutrients and litter and your feedback will also help in the enhancement of support by the GPA to our work in the Wider Caribbean region.

To ensure common understanding and facilitate broad and effective participation of Governments in the upcoming IGR-4, please view an Information Note that outlines the modalities for implementation, programme review, strategic outlook and an overview of the focal areas of the GPA.  Also provided is a link to Google Forms online questionnaire designed to provide UNEP with your country's assessment on the implementation of the GPA.

We would greatly appreciate if you would complete the questionnaire by August 30, 2016.

The questionnaire can be found at: