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The CEP is a conglomerate of legislative, programmatic and institutional frameworks and entities working together in assisting the nations and territories of the Wider Caribbean Region to protect their marine and coastal environment and promote sustainable development.
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Submission Guidelines
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Environmental Issues A to Z
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This is a pilot initiative to test a mechanism for interfocal linkages among GEF projects and to share experiences and lessons learned through a regional dialogue to be conducted electronically, and to develop tools to facilitate these linkages in the future. An internet forum has been set up to facilitate the dialogue. The discussions have started and there are already some very interesting and useful inputs from persons involved in GEF projects in the Caribbean. These could be viewed at (without registration, but you have to register to be able to respond and post any messages). Following the end of the dialogue, a guidance document will be prepared for the GEF - this will summarize the experiences, best practices and lessons contributed by participants in the e-dialogue. This document will be published and disseminated among GEF projects, GEF agencies and beyond. Persons who have actively participated in the discussions will be recognized as contributors in this guidance document.
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interactive map tutorial
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IYF resources
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LBS Collage Files
LBS Collage Files
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Our Projects & Partners
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FileUN Secretary General's Message for International Day For Biological Diversity 2014
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FileWorld Ocean Day Statement 2011
World Ocean Day Statement 2011