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Save the date: 15th COP of the Cartagena Convention
Honduras becomes latest country to ratify regional legal agreement to protect the Caribbean Sea
Honduras has become the 26th Country to ratify the Cartagena Convention
Cleaner and More Efficient Fuels and Vehicles coming for the Caribbean
Conference to discuss how to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs in the transport sector
Eighth Technical Meeting for our Biodiversity Protocol (#SPAWSTAC8)
Panama City, Panama | 5 - 7 December, 2018
International Workshop "Impacts of Marine Litter on World Heritage Sites" in November
Germany | 14-16 November 2018
Collaboration between OSPAR Commission and Cartagena Convention to harmonize marine litter monitoring for plastic free oceans
Joint measures to reduce the pollution through assessment and improved management
71st annual conference of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute
San Andres, Colombia | 5–9 November 2018
9th GEF International Waters Conference
Marrakesh, Morrocco | 5-8 November, 2018
Caribbean Ministers serious about tackling waste management
Ministers encouraged to include and develop environmentally and financially sustainable partnerships
Fourth Intergovernmental Meeting of the Global Programme of Action
Bali, Indonesia | 31 October - 1 November 2018
Happy UN Day 2018!
Concrete results, and telling our story, must be our focus!
Regional experts discuss marine litter management in Miami
Miami, FL, USA | 18 - 19 October, 2018
XXI Forum of Ministers of Environment of Latin America and the Caribbean
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 9 - 12 October 2018
The Cartagena Convention Secretariat to participate in the 14th High Level Forum of Caribbean Ministers Responsible for Water & Forum for Solid Waste
Montego Bay, Jamaica | 6 - 12 October, 2018
Bermuda remains a 'hot spot' for young Sea Turtles according to Biologists
Bermuda Turtle Project 2017 Field Season Report available now
Options for a Permanent Policy Coordination Mechanism for Ocean Governance and Sustainable Financing Plan in the CLME+ region
Cartagena, Colombia | 25-26 September 2018
Regional Seas annual meeting
Split, Croatia | 23-25 September 2018
Experts in international ocean law, policy, economics, and science to discuss how we manage the oceans as a global commons
New York | 20-21 September
The State of the Convention Area Report aims to fill data gaps and assist in monitoring the quality of Caribbean waters
Environmental Experts meet to discuss the state of Caribbean Environment
Kingston, Jamaica | September 4-6, 2018
What's happening with our Biodiversity Projects and Activities
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The Caribbean Public Health Agency’s (CARPHA) Technical Advisory Committee meets to review work in priority areas, including linkages between human health and pollution
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago | August 2-3, 2018
Prioritizing Water, Land and Ecosystems Management, and Climate Resilience in Five OECS Countries with IWEco
Fourth Technical Meeting for our Pollution Protocol (4th LBS STAC)
Contracting parties meet to discuss the status of the Pollution from Land-based Sources and Activities (LBS) Protocol
Reforesting Bahamas for Food Security & Disaster Protection
Wetlands are significant and rich natural features of Caribbean Small Island Development States
Government and International partners plan to tackle solid waste for trash free waters in the Bluefields and Whitehouse Communities in Jamaica
OSPAR Intersessional Correspondence Group on Marine Litter
Berlin, Germany | 13-14 June, 2018
Capacity building workshop focuses on better management of coral reef, ecosystems and coastal resources
Workshop was organized within the framework of the Protocol concerning Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW)
Ninth Ordinary Meeting of the RAC/REMPEITC-Caribe Steering Committee
Willemstad Curacao | 5 – 7 June 2018