Get Wild for Wildlife

Word Environment Day - June 5, 2016

The booming illegal trade in wildlife products is eroding Earth’s precious biodiversity, robbing us of our natural heritage and driving whole species to the brink of extinction. The killing and smuggling is also undermining economies and ecoystems, fuelling organized crime, and feeding corruption and insecurity across the globe.

The Wild for Life campaign is geared to foster commitment to end illegal trade in wildlife. 
Show your support in making a pledge with the UN to end the criminal trade of species by taking the quiz ( use the animal that gets selected or select your own kindred species.

Achim Steiner, United Nations Under Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director message for World Environment Day - See more at:

Stand with the United Nations and Angola, Global Host for World Environment Day 2016, by pledging your support and joining the global fight against the illegal trade in wildlife - See more at: