CaMPAM XII Regional Course for MPA Managers

ToT MPA Course update

The UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme's CaMPAM XII regional course began Monday, September 26, in Puerto Plata, north coast of the Dominican Republic. Twenty-four representatives from 8 countries are being trained on the basic topics by the CaMPAM Network with the financial support of the Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.

During the first 2 days, participants presented themselves, exchanged information on their life and work, and received a brief information about UNEP CEP and its SPAW Protocol (which is the basis of CaMPAM and Training of Trainers program since 1999). Dr. Michelle Scharer lectured  on ecosystem services and the impact of fishing and tourism thereon, environmental monitoring and its application on management, and other environmental information to understand how coastal ecosystems function and the effect of its misuse.

Dr. Ruben Torres shared information on the spatial and inter-annual variability of reef health in various countries of the Caribbean which suggest a greater adverse effect of overfishing vs. coral mortalities occurred by coral bleaching events after sustained temperature increases in the summer. He also reported on the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network in the Caribbean (GCRMN) and the coral reef score cards published for some countries.

Remote communication tool, Skype, allowed Drs. Martha Prada and Jeffry Wielgus to impart classes and interact with participants clearly and effectively. Their lectures on the connectivity of the populations of several marine species in the Caribbean, and the evaluation of ecosystem services in some areas generated great interest and provided active participation in exchange sessions.

Day 4, September 28, highlighted another topic of great interest: communication tools and their use by MPAs and other environmental protection agencies.  Watch this page for updates on this ongoing training.

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